Hy-Cap is an energy storage device that stores instantly a large volume of electric energy and supplies instantly or continuously higher current, by the mechanism of absorbing and de-absorbing electric charge.

Hy-Cap’s are made of activated carbons, processed in an eco-friendly method, which features higher power, density and longer life.

VINATech has been mass-producing the market leading 3.0V EDLC family since 2010 featuring 23% higher energy density than the traditional 2.7V EDLC, VINATech is also the only manufacturer of a hybrid capacitor which uses PC electrolytes. VINATech leads the world, in the production capacity for manufacturing radial supercapacitors of 1F to 1000F class.

Hybrid Capacitor

Hy-Cap Hybrid Single Cell
VHC 2R3 277 QG

Low ESR Super Capacitor

Hy-Cap EDLC Hybrid Single Cell

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Part Numbers - VINATECH
Part No.
VEC 2R5 105 QG
VEC 2R5 106 QG
VEC 2R5 127 QG
VEC 2R5 156 QG
VEC 2R5 227 QG
VEC 2R5 256 QG
VEC 2R5 306 QG
VEC 2R5 335 QG
VEC 2R5 367 QG
VEC 2R5 407 QG
VEC 2R5 505 QG
VEC 2R5 507 QG
VEC 2R5 606 QG
VEC 2R7 105 QG
VEC 2R7 106 QG
VEC 2R7 107 QG
VEC 2R7 156 QG
VEC 2R7 227 QG
VEC 2R7 256 QG
VEC 2R7 335 QG
VEC 2R7 367 QG
VEC 2R7 407 QG
VEC 2R7 505 QG
VEC 2R7 506 QG
VEC 2R7 507 QG
VEC 2R7 606 QG
VEC 3R0 106 QG
VEC 3R0 107 QG
VEC 3R0 156 QG
VEC 3R0 256 QG
VEC 3R0 335 QG
VEC 3R0 367 QG
VEC 3R0 407 QG
VEC 3R0 505 QG
VEC 3R0 506 QG
VEC 3R0 507 QA
VEC 5R4 155 QG
VHC 2R3 106 QG
VHC 2R3 127 QG
VHC 2R3 226 QG
VHC 2R3 506 QG