All shipments by PaC are based on local delivery terms in Singapore, subject to minimum purchase amount as stated. Further subject to PaC’s right of stoppage in transit, delivery of the Products will constitute delivery to Customer and title and risk of loss will pass to Customer. PaC will make reasonable efforts to initiate shipment and schedule delivery as close as possible to Customer’s requested delivery date(s). Customer acknowledges that delivery dates provided by PaC are estimates only and that PaC will not be liable for failure to deliver on such dates. Selection of the carrier and delivery route will be made by PaC unless specifically designated by Customer. PaC reserves the right to make deliveries in instalments. Delay in delivery of one instalment will not entitle Customer to cancel any other instalment(s). Delivery of any instalment of Products within thirty (30) days after the date requested will constitute a timely delivery. Delivery of a quantity that varies from the quantity specified shall not relieve Customer of the obligation to accept delivery and pay for the Products delivered. Delivery is for Ex-works, Local Singapore delivery only. PaC will not bear any shipment/documentation charges, if any. PaC reserve the rights to amend these terms and conditions as necessary without prior notice.