We focus on:

SMD fuse and Low Voltage fuse design and manufacturing.

Researching the application of circuit protection component:

我们致力于贴片和低压熔断器研发与生产, 并在以下电路保护领域有独特研究

  • Electronic (Chipfuse, ESD) 消费电子(微型贴片保险丝和静电抑制器);
  • Digital Measurement Instrument (600V~1000VAC/DC with small size 5x20mm, 6x32mm, 10X38mm)数字仪表;
  • EV/HEV protection电动汽车/混动汽车保护
  • Telecom protection (32V~80VDC, 5x20mm, 6x25mm, 6x32mm, 10x25mm) 通信保护
  • Photovoltaic System (1000Vdc, 1~30A,10×38,1500VDC 14X51,10×57)光伏系统;
  • SPD protection (UL 1449 lightning surge withstand fuse) 防雷器保护
  • UPS protection (Semiconductor Fuse, BS88-4)不间断电源保护
  • Industrial Power source (400VDC, 5x20mm, 6x32mm,10x38mm)小型工业电源

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